Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Blog!

Well, I am not starting an all new blog but a new direction with this one. My sister Meghan has threatened that yet again deletion was in my future due to not writing on this thing. And in all honesty I don't have that many exciting things in my own life to write about which makes having a blog a bit difficult. So, this is going to become my nutrition blog. That is my life and all that I do so I have plenty to write about. Meghan would also appreciate me getting all the new things I am learning out on this rather that sit and tell her over and over again haha. Well, today is just an update and the next will be the first nutrition post! Hopefully I will be more motivated for that one! :) Hope all is well!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow.. I am not good at this stuff

So.. I slacked again! A month later I post again.. haha Well at least I update every once in awhile, got to give me props for that. Today I was thinking about how I can't believe I am already 22 years old. ( I know that is not old, but at times I feel like a child still so it is baffling that I will be 23 this year) I was thinking about all the amazing adventures, trials, and life that I have gone through in such a short amount of time. I just wanted to share the things that mean the most and I feel have shaped my views and life thus far.
First thing that happened this year was the addition to my family through my nephew Brady Jack. I can't believe that he has gotten so big! I was looking at the first picture I took of him and the newest one I stole from Meghan ( haha) it is crazy how much he has grown!
My tiny baby Brady minutes old!!
My Brady not so tiny and a lot more minutes old! (7 months to be exact)
I don't know what could top the addition of this beautiful thing but many things have added to it! :) I have an amazing family that I have mentioned before but they always have to be talked about and known how thankful I am for them!
God is so gracious in allowing Meghan and David to be blessed with such an amazing gift as Brady Jack. I have learned so much from those two about faith and trusting in Christ. It is not easy and especially wasn't for them but the presence of this baby proves God's faithfulness and through his time things happen to spread his Kingdom and glory the most. This situation shows that perfectly. I love you Meghan and David for being such great examples to me!
I have also been very blessed in being able to travel not only across the country (to India and Europe) but also to many different places in the states. These trips too have completely humbled me and made me thankful for the people in my life and that I am such a small part within a much larger picture. Recent trips that I have been able to experience are trips with my favorite people which I haven't talked about yet! :)
There are two people who have been in my life and always encouraging me to strive to love God the way he has called us to and love people. These two women are Chelsea and Jennifer. They were my solid ground in while I was in Lubbock and have continually been my solid ground while in San Marcos. I talk to each of them for at least an hour each night. I can't imagine my life without them.. I would be very depressed or lost in this big world without them. This year we have got to spend Halloween, New Years, and Valentine's Day together. (I already posted some New Years pics but I will share some of the other great moments I have had with my beautiful friends!)

Jen Loved this candle! :)

Technically not halloween but it is the night after. Chels and I never had one just us that night!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009

I have had the most amazing Christmas break. I am sad that it is over but hey it was all I could have asked for. Well I guess not EVERYTHING was perfect a Texas Tech victory could have sent the experience into being completely amazing but unfortunately that did not happen. I got to spend New Years in Dallas and stayed in my friend Jen's cousins apartment in Downtown and I fell in love with the city again. I really enjoyed Dallas and everyone that I met, they were so nice. (which most would say really? Dallas? Nice? But yes everyone was great) My two beautiful friends Jen and Chelsea were able to come and spend the holiday with me and they are wonderful! I love my friends and want you all to enjoy them too. Hear are a few pics of the best New Years. 2009 so far has been good to me.

Austin Powers Joined the festivities as well. Right after this photo he jumped up on stage and rapped Baby Got Back.. Classic!! Haha

Our Model Picture taken in a huge mirror at the apartment building we were staying at. I decided to have a little fun with my photo publisher... I know I am like a professional now! :) bahaha

Ah.. the last year of the Cotton Bowl at this Stadium. Too Bad we didn't win :( Good times though! Me and Jen Jen at the game.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beautiful Priya

I went to India in August of 2007 to visit a couple from my church in Lubbock and visit the girls in the orphanage that they started. It was an amazing trip and I started to sponsor one of the girls. Her name is Priya and she is so beautiful. When I met her she had just had her head shaved due to lice and she still had the most beautiful smile anyone had seen. Her and I bonded from the first night on, all the girls would run to an Auntie and grab their hands and sit with them. Priya always ran to me. A little of Priya's story is that she is a semi-orphan so she still has a family. They hope that her parents will be fit to take her home at some point. My hope is that I will still be able to keep in touch with her. Right now I get updates about how she is doing and some emails from her. I just got an updated picture of her and wanted to share it with everyone. I hope that you enjoy seeing her and fall in love with her the way I did. Please pray for her heart and all the other girls in the orphanage. They all learn about Jesus and truth everyday but I don't know if they truly understand yet.

Monday, December 15, 2008

So Hard To Say Goodbye....

SO, I haven't written in a long time and my sister has told me that I have to or she will delete me so here is the newest post... ha. I got into a car accident and wrecked my car a little over a month ago and it has been a difficult ride to say the least dealing with it. I just found out last week that it was officially totalled and had to get everything out of it today. It was a sad time and I decided that I am going to dedicate this post to Aicha.. that was her name.
Aicha was a very colorful car with a huge personality to say least. She was a little bit ghetto... you kind of had to help her roll up the passenger window and she was very picky about who she let into the back passenger door. If she liked you that day she would open and if she didn't good luck on getting in! :) This car was very special to me because it was my first car.. been through 7 years together and have had many many memories in her!
Through all this car stuff God has definetly taught me a lot. I have been reminded that material things are fleeting and Christ is always sufficient. God is so gracious in the way he shows us things about our hearts and how we don't rely on him but on ourselves. Today my mom said something that made me think a little.. (I was saying how I wish someone could have been there to go with me) she said sometimes we have to go and do things alone. At church yesterday Jonathan said that when we are sitting alone and wanting a significant other to be there and depressed that we don't have it Christ wants to be that for us so badly. I realized that I was trying to depend on others to get through it and not on Christ... I am slowly seeing and allowing my heart to be vulnerable to Christ and depending on him and not myself. Thank you God for your patience and grace.. I need it!
Ok well here are the last pictures of Aicha to say goodbye and thanks for 7 AMAZING years....

She got her guns up one last time! :( Wreck 'Em Tech...

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Family

I am hanging out at the house tonight and am just missing my family. They are such amazing people and God has truly blessed me with having them in my life and being a part of molding me into the person that I am. I decided to put up some of my favorites of us and my baby nephew Brady Jack! I miss him a lot too. I haven't seen him since he was a month old :( he is getting so big and can't wait to see him and Meghan and David (I guess I have to see them in order to see Brady haha) Well here is my family I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

This is my Mom, Me, Meghan, and Mary at Meghan's baby shower in Denver City. My Dad is so lucky to have such amazing women in his life! :)

Meghan, Mom, and Me at Mary's wedding. See Meghan we all kind of look similar! haha

Mary and I on the train to Lyle to check out a school. She was so great on that trip and helped me to get everywhere... so sorry I didn't go to that school! My bad!

This is my Father.... Dad Cam enough said. My Dad is always trying to embarass us in one way or another and the only thing he does is just make us love him more for his craziness.. (with a little embarassment at times thrown in but you got to love it!)

Brady Jack Azam our newest little edition

Brady when he was first born on June 30, 2008

Brady at one month... getting bigger

Brady now at almost 3 months.. Geeze he has gotten so big! He is going to be all grown up by the time I get to see him again.. (not really Meghan he is going to be little forever!)

This is my all time favorite picture. This is my Grandma (my Dad's mom) meeting Brady for the first time. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I see it. She is such an amazing woman of faith and love and perseverance. I love her so much and I don't get to see her very much either so the times I get to see pictures and hear her voice are the most precious to me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet The Interns

Texas State Dietetic Interns
Minus a few! :)
This is from left to right... Jacly, Jenn, Me, Hector, and Megan. The missing ones are Lauren K, Lauren M, and Casey. Today we went to a conference in Austin for Obesity Awareness Week where a Doctor from India spoke. It was really good, very smart people with very confusing questions. haha. Jenn is the one that I have been the closest to throughout this whole thing. So, she gets another picture! :)