Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow.. I am not good at this stuff

So.. I slacked again! A month later I post again.. haha Well at least I update every once in awhile, got to give me props for that. Today I was thinking about how I can't believe I am already 22 years old. ( I know that is not old, but at times I feel like a child still so it is baffling that I will be 23 this year) I was thinking about all the amazing adventures, trials, and life that I have gone through in such a short amount of time. I just wanted to share the things that mean the most and I feel have shaped my views and life thus far.
First thing that happened this year was the addition to my family through my nephew Brady Jack. I can't believe that he has gotten so big! I was looking at the first picture I took of him and the newest one I stole from Meghan ( haha) it is crazy how much he has grown!
My tiny baby Brady minutes old!!
My Brady not so tiny and a lot more minutes old! (7 months to be exact)
I don't know what could top the addition of this beautiful thing but many things have added to it! :) I have an amazing family that I have mentioned before but they always have to be talked about and known how thankful I am for them!
God is so gracious in allowing Meghan and David to be blessed with such an amazing gift as Brady Jack. I have learned so much from those two about faith and trusting in Christ. It is not easy and especially wasn't for them but the presence of this baby proves God's faithfulness and through his time things happen to spread his Kingdom and glory the most. This situation shows that perfectly. I love you Meghan and David for being such great examples to me!
I have also been very blessed in being able to travel not only across the country (to India and Europe) but also to many different places in the states. These trips too have completely humbled me and made me thankful for the people in my life and that I am such a small part within a much larger picture. Recent trips that I have been able to experience are trips with my favorite people which I haven't talked about yet! :)
There are two people who have been in my life and always encouraging me to strive to love God the way he has called us to and love people. These two women are Chelsea and Jennifer. They were my solid ground in while I was in Lubbock and have continually been my solid ground while in San Marcos. I talk to each of them for at least an hour each night. I can't imagine my life without them.. I would be very depressed or lost in this big world without them. This year we have got to spend Halloween, New Years, and Valentine's Day together. (I already posted some New Years pics but I will share some of the other great moments I have had with my beautiful friends!)

Jen Loved this candle! :)

Technically not halloween but it is the night after. Chels and I never had one just us that night!