Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009

I have had the most amazing Christmas break. I am sad that it is over but hey it was all I could have asked for. Well I guess not EVERYTHING was perfect a Texas Tech victory could have sent the experience into being completely amazing but unfortunately that did not happen. I got to spend New Years in Dallas and stayed in my friend Jen's cousins apartment in Downtown and I fell in love with the city again. I really enjoyed Dallas and everyone that I met, they were so nice. (which most would say really? Dallas? Nice? But yes everyone was great) My two beautiful friends Jen and Chelsea were able to come and spend the holiday with me and they are wonderful! I love my friends and want you all to enjoy them too. Hear are a few pics of the best New Years. 2009 so far has been good to me.

Austin Powers Joined the festivities as well. Right after this photo he jumped up on stage and rapped Baby Got Back.. Classic!! Haha

Our Model Picture taken in a huge mirror at the apartment building we were staying at. I decided to have a little fun with my photo publisher... I know I am like a professional now! :) bahaha

Ah.. the last year of the Cotton Bowl at this Stadium. Too Bad we didn't win :( Good times though! Me and Jen Jen at the game.